Core products


The company strictly adheres to the quality management system, and its products mainly include thin-walled bearings, equal section bearings, circular screen printing machine bearings, robot bearings, customized products, etc., meeting different standard requirements.

About Us

Linqing Yuanbo Thin Wall Bearing Co., Ltd. is located in the Industrial Development Zone of Linqing City, Shandong Province. The geographical location here is very advantageous, with the Beijing Kowloon Railway to the east, the Beijing Guangzhou Main Line to the west, the Jiliaogan Expressway to the south, the National Highway 308 to the north, and the Provincial Highway 008 passing through the border.

Our company is a bearing manufacturing enterprise that integrates research and development, design, production, and sales. The company was founded in 1995 and gradually developed from a handicraft workshop. In 2005, it was officially incorporated into a standardized enterprise with a registered trademark of YBOK. After years of manufacturing and sales experience, talent, and customer accumulation, Yuanbo Bearing has rapidly risen in the thin-walled series bearing industry, with more than 50 employees and 10 technical research and development personnel. The company is equipped with advanced production equipment and testing instruments, including precision equipment such as automatic grinding machines, automatic ultra precision machines, assembly and assembly machines, and large cleaning machines, ensuring our production strength and stability of bearing quality.

  • Focusing on the manufacturing and research and development of thin-walled bearings
  • Fine selection of raw materials, quality assurance
  • Equipped with advanced production and testing equipment
  • A professional technical team provides you with after-sales support